Bertolami Fine Art - Auction House

Bertolami Fine Art is a complex structure: auction house, art gallery, design studio for exhibitions and cultural events.

Bertolami Fine Art, a name known to numismatics collectors around the world, began operating in 2011 as an auction house specializing in the sale of antique coins and medals.

From 2011 to date he has founded the branches in Munich and London and has joined the Numismatics department with the departments of Archaeology, Ancient and Modern Glyptic, Medieval Art, Ancient Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Prints and Author Multiples, Photography, Antique Ceramics and Porcelain, Antique Frames, 20th Century Design and Decorative Arts, Asian and Tribal Art, Books, Autographs and Memorabilia, Jewellery, Silver and Watches, Fashion, Textiles & Luxury, Collectible Cars and Motorcycles.

Its current structure is that of a real enterprise for art constituted by:

an auction house of modern conception able to operate on the market not only with the traditional method of public sale by auction, but also through systems of sale by private treaty that range from private sales in an atmosphere of absolute confidentiality without the exposure to the public of the goods conferred, to selling exhibitions, exhibitions similar to those organized in art galleries.

An innovative brokerage structure aimed at guaranteeing sales at the best conditions. An objective not always achievable by using the direct commercial channels of the company which, in those cases, after agreement with the entrusted persons, behaves as a real broker looking for the most suitable seller on the international market (online platforms or even other auction houses with niche specializations, etc.).

A design studio for exhibitions, cultural events, press offices and communication campaigns for art.

A publishing house specialized in art and cultural publishing with particular attention to the republication of rare and unobtainable books.

The Archives of the Roman School, an institution of recognized cultural value founded in 1983 by Miriam Mafai, Netta Vespignani, Maurizio Fagiolo, Antonello Trombadori and Alberto Ziveri to document, catalogue and enhance the artistic production of Rome between the two wars.

Since the beginning of 2016, at Palazzo Caetani Lovatelli, the Roman headquarters of Bertolami Fine Arts, an academic season of lectures, courses and initiatives for in-depth study and cultural dissemination has also been offered.