Diagnostic service

The valuation and appraisal service is complemented by an exhaustive diagnostic service, carried out in collaboration with leading Italian laboratories and research institutions, first and foremost the Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment of the University of Rome La Sapienza, which uses some of the most sophisticated survey techniques and machinery. The service allows:
  • to find information on the chronology and territorial origin of the artifact under investigation through the most up-to-date scientific methods of dating and authentication.
  • To evaluate the real state of degradation, meaning by degradation not only the alteration perceptible at a glance, but also the microstructural alteration of the materials.
  • To lay the foundations for the application of a correct restoration methodology through the achievement of an in-depth level of knowledge of the nature of the property and its conservation conditions.
the quote is free of charge and offers the customer the possibility to choose between various modes of intervention. The choice is wide and able to satisfy every kind of cognitive need.