• Participation in the hall (directly or by proxy) - The most traditional way to take part in the auction competition is to be present in the hall, either in person or by being represented by a proxy
  • Live participation - This is the most innovative way to take part in an auction: sitting in front of your computer you will watch the live broadcast of the auction session and you will be able to place your bids via the Internet in real time.
  • Telephone participation - You can also compete in the auction by telephone, assisted by a member of our staff who, during the sale session, will update you on the progress of the bids by transmitting yours to the auctioneer. This service is free of charge and must be booked at least 24 hours before the start of the auction at our office or by forwarding to Bertolami Fine Arts the form published at the end of the catalog
  • Fixed bids - You can make a fixed bid corresponding to the maximum price you are willing to shell out to win the lot. In this case Bertolami Fine Arts will compete the auction in your place, trying to get you to award the lot at the lowest possible price. Fixed bids can be made through a special electronic bidding mechanism operating on our website or by submitting to us the form published at the end of the catalog.


  • The catalog-The lots offered for auction are photographed and described on our website and in a catalog that can be picked up at our office and is sent to those who request it. For each lot we indicate, as a rule, two prices, corresponding to its minimum and maximum valuation.
  • The preview - The auction sessions held are preceded by a free-entry preview in which, for a few days, the lots are displayed to the public. Lots placed for sale in electronic auctions, on the other hand, can be viewed on demand.


Only registered users are eligible to participate in the auction. Those who participate in the auction hall register by filling out a summary form and providing a photocopy of an identity document.


To check the auction results consult the list of awards that Bertolami Fine Arts publishes on its website within five working days from the closing of the sales sessions.


The final price to be paid in case of an adjudication is composed of the adjudication price plus the auction fees, i.e., the commissions due to the auction house for the intermediation provided. Taxes imposed by the tax regime of the state in which the auction was held will be added to the figure thus arrived at (VAT is applied in Italy). Auction fees are calculated as a variable percentage of the auction price according to predetermined parameters, described in the conditions of sale published at the end of the catalog.


Customers who do not wish to collect their purchase personally can take advantage of a delivery service including packaging, shipping and insurance. The service is activated after approval of the cost estimate by the applicant.


Payment for awarded lots shall be made within ten days after receipt of the purchase invoice. The following payment systems are allowed:

  • bank or cashier's check
  • bank transfer
  • credit card
  • Paypal