Buying and selling archaeological artefacts at auction - free valuations - expert reports and technical and scientific analysis of objects of archaeological interest.

The Department of Archaeology finds and offers archaeological artifacts-even collections-from prehistory to the dawn of the Middle Ages, with special interest in artifacts pertaining to the Greek, Etruscan and Italic civilizations, the Roman and Byzantine worlds.

Its main task is the study, cataloguing, evaluation and placement on the Italian and foreign markets of archaeological finds of certified provenance offered on consignment.

In parallel, the department offers a specialized appraisal service of objects of archaeological interest using some of the most advanced survey techniques and machinery. In addition All lots with a maximum estimate of €1,500 or more are checked through the Art Loss Register database.

Andrea Pancotti is an archaeologist specializing in the topography of ancient Italy. A member of the Italian Academy of Numismatic Studies, a member of the editorial board of the "Bulletin of the History and Art Union," he has numerous scientific publications in the field of history and archaeology to his credit.