Pianoforte con ragazzo (Citto)
The painting of Titina Maselli over the course of a lifetime: from little girl exercises to death. This is the promise of the anthological exhibition that Bertolami Fine Art, in cooperation with the newborn Maselli Titina Archive dedicated to one of the greatest Italian artists of the second post-war period.
Roberto Donatelli made his debut in the mid-1970s with a personal exhibition at the Galleria Colonna in Naples. This was followed in the 1980s by a solo exhibition at the Di Sarro Centre in Rome with a text in the catalogue by Vitaliano Corbi entitled 'Nero napoletano' (Neapolitan black) and at the Pinacoteca and Musei Comunali in Macerata; the latter entitled 'Tra visionariet& [..]
Alessio De Marchis
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Andrea Busiri Vici, tireless sifter of Roman landscape painting between the 17th and 18th century, published Il Trittico paesistico romano del '700 (The Roman Landscape Triptych of the 18th century) in 1976 with the publisher Ugo Bozzi, a vast survey of the art of Paolo Anesi, Paolo Monaldi and Alessio De Marchis. At the time, it [..]