Severo Calzetta da Ravenna
(Ravenna, 1465 - Ravenna, 1543)
Workshop of

Satyr with a Small Satyr, 16th-17th century

Bronze, redish patina on traces of dark brown patin
20,5x16x13,5 cm

The original composition depicting a female satyr with her child was originally attributed to Andrea Briosco known as Il Riccio (Trent, 1470-Padua, 1532). In Wilhelm Von Bode's 19th-century catalologues many satyr works were attributed to the artist, while in the current scholarship they are connected to Severo Calzetta da Ravenna.


This composition in particular was quite successful and a few versions survive. Among the best known are the one in the Bargello, Florence, in the Bode Museum, Berlin, and in Palazzo Venezia. Rome, (for the full list see Patrick de Winter’s study of Calzetta).


In many versions, it serves as a candleholder toghether with a shell that serves as an inkwell. In other versions the two main figures are flanked by male satyr or small animals (i.e. the exemplary in the Sforza Castle in Milan).


Fine, high quality bronze sculpture. Stunning transparent red patina. Traces of a dark brown patina worn off over time.


Great collector's item in perfect condition.


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Pietro Cannata, Museo Nazionale del Palazzo di Venezia, Sculture in Bronzo - Gangemi Editore, Roma, 2011, pp.64-65.

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