Christ Crucified, Roman school 17th-18th century

Bronze, silver-plated
29x20x5,5 cm

This fascinating sculpture of Christ belongs to the Baroque genre and was developed in 17th century Rome, following Bernini’s and Algardi’s works. As there is no identical model, it can be considered an independent work until proven otherwise.


In the great baroque masters’ sculptures the movement of draperies became an excessive preoccupation, unlike in the Tuscan production of the 16th century. However, some of Bernini’s and Aligardi’s models have the drapery soberly composed, often drapery is cloaked around the buttocks from behind and is knotted at the front, crisscrossing and without fluttering.


Our Christ presents drapery of the latter kind. The drapery wraps comfortably around Christ's hips and crosses at the front dangling over the right side, generating a serpentine of fabric. On Christ’s face the convulsion that precedes death is extraordinarily depicted.


The bronze has some casting defects and some ancient repairs not perfectly executed. The head, hair, and loincloth are carefully finished by burin and punched. The material and silvering are unmistakably antique.

For an educated and niche collector.



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Andrea Bacchi e Anna Coliva, Bernini - Officina Libraria, Milano, 2017, pp.284-289

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