Jean de Boulogne detto Giambologna
(Douai, 1529 - Firenze, 1608)
in the way of
Antonio Susini
(1558 - 1624)
Attributed to

Christ, Probably 17th century

Bronze, redish patina, traces of dark brown patina
23x20,5x5 cm

The catalogue of Crucifixes that came out of Giambologna's foundry. The stylistic innovations brought to the subject spread throughout Tuscany throughout the 17th century. Many small models were made for domestic worship or diplomatic gifts after large Crucifixes produced by Giambologna's foundry (SS.Annunziata, Santa Maria degli Angiolini, Convento San Marco). The crucifixes of this group have a rather elongated body, a very tightly drawn loincloth, knotted on the right side, and an important head (the Christ present in lot 80 80 belongs to this type).


Another type is derived from the small silver Christ from the Holy House of Loreto. This one presents a less tight loincloth, which falls between the thighs in the form of a triangle. Knotted on the right hip, it ends with a soft, long sash. The crucifix presented here falls within these parameters and has a tight, pulled drapery that is knotted on the right hip.


Two models in Michael Hall's collection are close to the one presented here, and they were attributed by Charles to Antonio Susini. They are similar in the form of draperies and in the realistic depiction of the ribs. They both possess evidence of fine workmanship and a beautiful, glossy, reddish patina.


Charles Avery- Michael Hall, Giambologna Sculptor of the Medici - Somogy Γ‰ditions d'Art, Parigi, 1999, scheda 25 e 26

Floriano Grimaldi-Massimo Masci, Giambologna fra tecnica e stile, i Crocifissi documentati - Etruria

Editrice, Pistoia, 2011. Per il crocifisso del cardinale Ferdinando dei Medici scheda 3, pp.55-60, 68-79; per il Crocifisso della Santa Casa di Loreto pp.45-51, 82-94
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