Pierre Legrosse II (Il Giovane)
(Paris, 1666 - Roma, 1719)
Based on

Marsyas, 18th-19th century

Bronze, dark brown patina, with a base in mixed marbles
Overall 28x10x10 cm Bronze 20x10x7,5 cm

This fine composition depicts the satyr Marsyas bound to a tree trunk as he tries to free himself from Apolloโ€™s tortures. Marsyas, guilty of challenging the god to a musical contest, was sentenced to be flayed alive.

This bronze figurine is inspired by a splendid Baroque-style composition created by the French sculptor Pierre Le Gros II (also known as "the Young" to distinguish him from his father). He lived and worked in Rome throughout his life, producing works of art for the most important Roman churches. There is no record of his bronze production, and it is likely that this bronze figure is a derivation of one of his sculptures.


The quality of the bronze suggests that it was made between the late 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century by an anonymous Italian foundry.

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