Portrait of Mirabeau, France 19th century

Bronze, brown patina
39x11,5x17 cm

This bronze depicts Honore' Gabriel Riqueti, Count of Mirabeau (1748-1791), a leading figure of the Revolution, a diplomat, writer and politician. Because of his eloquence he was nicknamed "Orator of the People." However, Mirabeau was of aristocratic descent and he maintained secret relations with his home class which disturbed his posthumous memory.


Originally, his tomb was placed in the Pantheon in Paris, together with a sculpture in oratorical pose, but later his body was moved and went missing. Another monument of Mirabeau in the same pose was placed at the top of a fountain in Place Mirabeau, Pertuis, France. Bronze derivations of this memorial statue were made by sculptor Francois Trupheme (1820-1888).


Our bronze has no signatures, although it is of excellent quality, and presents Mirabeau in a different oratorical pose and is therefore an autonomous and original casting to be admired.


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