Barthelemy Prieur
(Berzieux, 1538 - Paris, 1611)
School of


Bronze, redish patina
Overall 30x7x8 cm Bronze 20x5x5,5 cm

The artwork had long been attributed to Francesco da Sant'Agata, but recent scholarship has placed it among the works of the great French sculptor Barthelemy Prieur, active at the court of Henry IV.


Prieur depicts Narcissus in an upright position with his arms raised to surround his head, adopting an alternative iconographic model to the traditional representation of the young man gazing at the water. It is clearly inspired by Michelangelo's Prisoners, which he had the opportunity to admire firsthand.


It is a beautiful casting, with a highly detailed and glossy surface, adorned with a splendid translucent patina in reddish tones. Likely dating back to the 17th century, it belongs to the school of Barthelemy Prieur.

Volker Khran, Von Allen Seiten SchΓΆn, Bronzen der Renaissance und des Barock - Edition Volker Huber, Offenbach am Main, 1995, cat. n. 141.
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