The Magdalena, Tuscan School Probably 17th century

Silver-plated bronze, now in patina
Overall 29x18x12 cm Bronze 25x16x9 cm

This bronze piece should be considered together with the next lot, St. John the Evangelist, as part of a group, possibly a Crucifixion scene.


Both artifacts exhibit a type of craftsmanship akin to goldsmithing as they are finely chased especially in theparts of drapery and hair. Intricate punching covers the entire garments creating a scattered delicate flower decoration.


The silver plating, now in a black-blue patina, would reveal two extremely precious and eye-catching objects if polished. A light cleaning could be attempted.


For comparison, please refer to the crucifixion piece at the Lia Museum in La Spezia, attributed to Antonio Susini, which exhibits some vague resemblances in the faces and poses to these two statues.

Charles Avery, La Spezia, Museo Civico Amedeo Lia. Sculture, Bronzetti, Medaglie - Silvana Editore, Cinisello Balsamo, 1998, pp. 127-130.
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