BLASIVS B.- MARIAN BONON, Bolognese area?, 17th century.

Ae oval casting, mm 131.6 x 104.5, g 265.4. 

Two figures with hands clasped facing each other (Father Biagio Bagni and Father Mariano from Bologna), above a dove or Spitito Santo?.
R\ long written in Latin with the date 1609 inside a laurel wreath: M.DCIX.MENSMAL./ D. BLASIVS BACNVSA  CENTORRI/ ORGNALI CAN REC S.SALVATORIS / D. MARIAN BON BONON. VISITATOR A.I. VNDAM. EREXERE ET DICAVERE SPIRITVI SANCTO. [In the Month of May 1609 Father Biagio Bagni Prior General of Cento Regular Canon of St. Salvatore [and] visiting Father Mariano of Bologna placed a foundation stone and dedicated [the monastery of] Santo Spirito]. A small hole with suspension ring. Ancient casting.

The plaquette commemorates the construction of the Monastery of Santo Spirito in Cento nearby Ferrara. To be catalogued.

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