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Pierino da Vinci
(Vinci - Pisa, 1553)
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Plaque depicting Sacra Conversazione, Italian foundries, 19th century

Bronze, dark patina
41,5x28x3 cm

Large plaque made in bas-relief depicting the Madonna seated with Child on her lap with the John Baptist, St. Anne and an anonymous patron shown in profile.

This beautiful plaque is taken after a marble work made by Pierino da Vinci, Leonardo's nephew. The marble was stolen by the Nazis in Poppi castle in 1944. This rare plaque bears witness to the missing work.

Bronze work made with the Stiacciato technique (used by Donatello to create depth with minimal relief), highlighting the artsist’s skill and dexterity.

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Plaquettes and Medals from the 14th to the 19th century

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