François Du Quesnoy
(Bruxelles, 1597 - Livorno, 1643)
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Satyr with the goat Amalthea and putti/ The Binding of the Sleeping Silenus, Holland/Flanders, 16th century XVII

A) Satyr with  goat Amaltea  and cherubs

Lead alloy? cast, rectangular; mm  151  x 103.8; late cast


Satyr  holding a goat (Amalthea) on the ground, helped by four putti, two other putti are playing with a tambourine and a horn. In the background a forest.  On the reverse a barely legible stamp, on the edge a lily

Bibl. Weber 1975, pp 403, n. 1016

B) The Binding of the Sleeping Silenus

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