Nicolò Fiorentino
(Firenze, 1430 - Firenze, 1514)
School of


Pax, gilded bronze casting; 145.8 x 83.6 mm; gr 254.6.


Christ on the cross on a hill with a skull at the base. On the left, Mary with halo and clasped hands; on the right, Saint John with a halo with his hand on the chest. The scene between two twisted columns with angels on top of capitals; in the tympanum, an angel with open wings. Fine antique casting. Good preservation, rare variant.

Bibl. Rossi F. coll. Scaglia 2011, pp. 86, II 8; Molinier 1886 II pp. 58 n. 433; Vannelโ€“Toderi, 1998, pp. 145\146; Cannata 1989, pp. 48.

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