Galeazzo Mondella detto il Moderno
(Verona, 1467 - Verona, 1528)


Rectangular bronze casting; 155.2 x 120.9 mm; 258.6 g; light patina with residues of ancient gilding


In the centre, Jesus Christ tied to a column, flagellated by Roman soldiers. On the right: 4 Roman soldiers and a naked man seen from behind in the lower corner; on the left, a soldier and three bearded male figures. Above the column base a helmet and a bearded face. In the background two large architectural arches, the one on the right broken. Fine fusion after original prototype.


Bibl. Rossi F. coll. Scaglia pp. 234\235\236 Variant A from prototype; Vannel–Toderi 1998 pp. 155\156. Very rare in this conservation.

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