St. Theodore Tiron, Venetian school, 18th century

Rectangular bronze casting, light brown patina; 112.6 x 77.4mm; gr 304,7.

San Teodoro in armor with shield, spear and flowing cloak kills a crocodile-like dragon. Top left, San Marco. Above, S. THEODORVS. In the exergue four circled crosses. Splendid casting. Very rare.

Not found in the texts consulted.

St. Theodore, the first soldier martyr of the imperial army, was the patron saint of the city of Venice until the 12th century. Martyred at the beginning of the 4th century in Amasea in Pontus under the emperor Galerius Maximian. For the Venetians the relics would be found in their church of San Salvador, while for the people of Brindisi in the cathedral of their city.

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