The Last Supper, Neapolitan goldsmith, end of the 17th century

Silver casting plaquette, chiseled and curved; mm 258.6  x 154.2;  gr 1620,7.


Scene of the Last Supper, with Jesus Christ blessing the Apostles and Mary Magdalene. Set in an architectural complex; in the center of the arch a candelabrum. At the top  two cherubs, at the bottom of the base coat of arms with cardinal's hat of Antonio Pignatelli. All within a double molded frame. Under the base there is an unrecognizable goldsmith's hallmark and a guarantee hallmark from the goldsmiths' guild. NAP 71[6]? crowned. Splendid example of refined manufacture


Bibl.  Not found in the texts consulted.

Note:  Antonio Pignatelli was the Archbishop of Naples from 1687 until 1691, before becoming Pope Innocent XII. It is probable that the plaquette in question was made in honor of his election as Archbishop of the city of Naples and therefore commissioned by some important local figure.

The Hallmark NAP 71[6] consisted of three letters (NAP) until 1690 ca., then from 1690 to 1699 the last two numbers signifying the year were added to the abbreviation.

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