GU JIANLONG, attributed

GU JIANLONG, attributed

Court scene

Ink and colors on silk, 156,5 x 505 cm

Signed in the lower left corner.

Provenance: Italian private collection.

The monumental painting consisting of twelve separate panels, each with a metal frame on the top and bottom sides, and protective glass.
It describes a scene set inside the courtyard of an aristocratic palace, crowded with numerous characters, including ladies, nobles, soldiers and divinities.
Among the pavilions, the one in the center of the composition stands out due to the presence of the emperor and empress.
Born in what is now Jiangsu Province, Gu Jianlong painted in the style of Qui Ying (circa 1495-1552), creating works with figures and historical themes. Known for his ability to copy masters of the past, he was active as a court painter to the Kangxi Emperor.
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