Allegory of Fortune (or Eve?), Master of Augsburg?, 16th century?

Linden wood
sculpture: 47 x 16 x 10 cm
Sculpture with a beautiful reddish patina. A small lack at the veil.

There are some examples of German Renaissance production with similar features to this one, often carved in boxwood or lime wood, sometimes cast in bronze. Specifically, female figures sculpted by Conrat Meit (1480-1551) present the same features. 

The sculpture examined here must be placed in relation to an Eve kept in the Bode Museum in Berlin (inv. no. 8504). The Bode sculpture (also in lime wood) is balancing on the sphere and it is entitled  "Fortuna". It was produced in Augsburg and dated 1520-30. Another similar model, belonging to the Figdor collection, is published in a catalog of German sculpture ( the Bange) and called Master of Augusta.

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