Boxwood Crucifix, Early 17th century

Legno di bosso
31 x 23.5 x 8 cm.

Carved boxwood Corpus Christi. The figure of the Saviour is depicted with his arms outstretched diagonally, his head is tilted to the right side and he is looking downwards with his eyes closed, made slit-like, and his mouth half-closed. The torso is bent forward in the pose of the Christus Patiens (Christ in pain), manifesting serenity in the relief of death, while the body seems to sag forward, inert, and surrendered, weighing down on bent knees. The soft hair falls over the shoulders and forward following the weight of the head. The hands are missing, but seem to have been designed to be ajar, the overlapping feet show stigmata. The private parts are covered by a short loincloth with a knotted drape that descends laterally to the right.
The work is dated around the beginning of the 17th century, a period when popular religiosity was expressed with strong patheticism and emotional involvement. The description of physical details, such as the hair, eyes, mouth and hands, contribute to creating an atmosphere of deep contemplation and spirituality; these details help to convey the humanity and divinity of Jesus, emphasising his sacrifice.

Item condition grading: **** good, defects and missing parts.

Floriano Grimaldi e Massimo Mascii, Giambologna fra Tecnica e Stile, i Crocefissi Documentati, Etruria ed., Pistoia, 2011.
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