Pietro da Francavilla
(Cambrai, 1548 - Paris, 1615)
School of

Apollo with the Lyre

Bronze with dark and reddish transparencies
31 x 11 x 11 cm

This interesting bronze depicts Apollo with the lyre. Sometimes this model is attributed to the Venetian sculptor Tiziano Aspetti, or to his workshop, such as (see an example in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cataloged as "after the model of").

The attribution to Francavilla, Giambologna's collaborator, was proposed on the occasion of the exhibition organized in 2002 by Daniel Katz.

Katherine Zock, European Sculpture, catalog of the exhibition organized by Daniel Katz Limited in New York, Conti Tipocolor, Calenzano, 2002, entry no. 13.
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