Jean de Boulogne detto Giambologna
(Douai, 1529 - Firenze, 1608)
in the way of

Flying Mercury, 18th century

Bronze with transparent golden patina
sculpture: 77 x 34 x 30 cm

This Mercury is an ancient replica of one of the most famous sculptures created by Giambologna in Florence. The monumental work is currently located at the Bargello National Museum, Florence, while the bozzetto is kept in the Medieval Museum of Bologna.

It is one of the most replicated sculptures by the Flemish artist. This copy denotes high quality and an extraordinary stylistic closeness to the best ancient productions of Giambologna's school. Some worth noting details are the treatment of the nails, the facial expression and the way the locks escape the grip of the helmet.

The bronze was probably made in 18th century or even earlier.

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