Adriaen de Vries
(L'Aia, 1556 - Praga, 1626)
in the way of

Bacchus, 16โ€“17th century?

21 x 26 x 15 cm

The bust is taken after a full-body sculpture of Adriaen de Vries, now in the Hill Collection. When it appeared at Sotheby's in the first decades of the last century it had been attributed to a Nordic follower of Giambologna. Susanna Zanuso connected it to the nymphaeum in Villa Litta in Lainate, Milan, where the Bacchus sculpture was placed on a high column to splashed water from various holes onto visitors in a playful way typical for Italian Renaissance gardens. Zanuso attributed it to Pelliccioni, a Lombard sculptor working in the Milan cathedral workshop. The bronze passed through international auction and entered Hill Collection, where it was attributed by Claudia Kryza Gersch to Adriaen de Vries, one of Giambologna's major students.

There are no ancient copies known of the subject. This bronze presents some differences from the original, which suggests it is not a cast but an original work. 

Attached are scientific tests of the metal alloy. Probably cast before the 19th century.
Patricia Wengraf, AA.VV., Renaissance & Baroque Bronzes from the Hill Collection, Paul Holberton Publishing, London, 2014, pages 248-261.
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