Girolamo Campagna
(Verona, 1549 - Venezia, 1625)
Sphere of

La Speranza, 16th-17th century

Gilt bronze
10x4,5x3 cm

Enchanting small bronze sculpture depicting an allegory of Hope, easily recognizable by the presence of an anchor, the typical iconographic attribute of this theological Virtue.


This miniature work may have originated as a precious decorative element of a Renaissance coin cabinee, placed in one of the small niches carved in the door.


Beyond its intended use, the courtly style similar to typical Paduan works (see Girolamo Campagna and Tiziano Aspetti) reveals the sculpture to be a result of careful research.  Even within the limits of its miniature size, it should be considered as an object of collector's interest, enhanced by beautifully preserved mercury gilding.

Davide Banzato e Franca Pellegrini, Bronzi e Placchette dei Musei Civici di Padova - Editoriale Programma, Padova, 1989, pp.102-105.
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