Govanni Bernardi
(Castelbolognese, 1496 - Faenza, 1553)


Silvered bronze casting with some small traces of old gilding, four holes on the sides, natural patina, 64.9 x 55.0 mm; 58.7 g.

A large group of armed knights advances from the left, exiting the gates of a city and attacking another group of infantry and knights with banners and lances. In the foreground, bottom left, a river deity (Ticino) with a scepter, leaning on an amphora with falling water. On the right, above a shield, the initials IO. B. F.  reissue from prototype.

Rossi F. coll. Scaglia 2011, pp. 337, prototype type; Toderi, Vannel 1996, pp. 51 no. 83. 

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