Giovan Francesco Susini
(Firenze, 1585 - Firenze, 1653)
School of


Bronze, bronze patina
Overall 21,5x7x7 cm Bronze 15,5x6x4,5 cm

The original bronze invention was attributed by Bode to Giambologna, but the Dhanens rejected this idea. According to Avery this sculpture is close to Giambologna's themes, but it could be attributed to the workshop of Gianfrancesco Susini. 


This rare casting is known in three examples, one in the Berlin State Museum, the other in Williams College of Art, Massachusetts, and the third in the Collection of Michael Hall.


Following these indications, our casting is also attributed to the school of Gianfrancesco Susini.


Charles Avery - Michael Hall, Giambologna - Somogy Editions, 1999, Parigi, cat. n.53.

Charles Avery-Anthony Radcliffe, Giambologna Sculptor to the Medici - Catalogo della mostra (Edimburgo, Londra e Vienna), 1978-79, cat.  n.139.

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